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Student life is more than books and libraries. We encourage students to participate in as many out-of-classroom activities as possible. Most students form informal clubs based on their areas of interest and contribute to a vibrant campus life.

Students organize and participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports and games, and social and cultural events, and also celebrate different regional festivals and national occasions. Several student activities are directed towards extending the classroom learning experience. Such activities include organizing seminars on contemporary management issues, publishing in-house magazines, organizing guest lectures, and organizing and participating in competitions. Students also participate in social service projects, such as organizing blood donation camps and environmental protection programs.

Students participate sports and games at the well equipped Sports Activities Center as well as the swimming pool on campus. It provides much needed relaxation, exercise as well as a chance to compete and work as a team.

Campus Life

Our campuses are designed to stimulate learning and creating a positive experience for our students. Since memories from college remain forever in our minds, we have made extra efforts to ensure that the campus provides for great interaction between students, faculty members and everyone who comes in contact with the student community on campus.

Each campus features extensive interaction spaces, communication centers, academic blocks and cafeterias which serve tasty, hygienic food

*Swimming pool available at selected campuses only.

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